The Zcash Company aims to set a new standard for privacy through the use of groundbreaking cryptography.

In an open and programmable financial system, privacy is the only way to ensure fungibility and guarantee that cryptocurrency can be interchangeable as a fluid medium of exchange for users. Companies need the protection of privacy along their supply chain in order to conduct their business, especially in the context of public blockchains. In addition, Zcash believe that personal privacy is necessary for core human values like dignity, intimacy, and morality.

About Zcash (ZEC)

The Zcash Company is a science-driven team.

Their scientists and engineers are the discoverers of the underlying scientific principles and the designers of the protocol; Zcash are not the controllers or the power-holders, and do not control the mining or distribution of Zcash. Every user of Zcash contributes to its decentralization, helping to protect it against failure and corruption. The Zcash team is one among many participants in the network. They created Zcash, but its ultimate destiny lies not in their hands, but in yours.

Since Zcash is an open-source protocol, the Zcash Company (ZcashCo) does not control it (including controlling the mining or distribution of it) or have special access to private or shielded transactions. Just like anyone else, ZcashCo only has the ability to see a private or shielded transaction if it is a party to that transaction or someone provides it with the correct view key. ZcashCo’s role in the ecosystem is to offer updates to the Zcash protocol which the public may choose to implement or ignore. ZcashCo does not sell, exchange, transmit, or retain custody of Zcash for consumers or the public at large.

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