First and foremost this website is free and for educational purposes only. It is not a sales pitch and we do not sell anything on this website. This is 100% free information surrounding the world of crypto currency and some of the technology that is behind it.

We simply want to contribute back to the platforms and technologies that have made us some financial gains over the last few years. If we can do that by helping to increase public awareness of these emerging and developing technologies we are happy.

We do own, buy, sell & trade a small portfolio of all things we share information on, and we will only ever share content on what we have actually invested into.

Our only affiliation on this website is with Coinbase. We do not represent them and our views are solely our own. We do not have to tell you this but we would rather be transparent. If you decide you want to get into Bitcoin, Etheruem or Litecoin, please consider using our affiliate link when signing up with Coinbase. For anyone signing up to Coinbase via our affiliate link, and if they buy $100 worth of Bitcoin, both that person and us will receive $10 each, nothing more and nothing less.

We do not claim to know it all and we can get it wrong like anyone else. We do not own any rights to anything within or claim to provide any financial advice. We simply created this website to help others find information they are already seeking. When we first heard of Bitcoin back in 2012 we found it rather difficult to find information what is was and how we could buy it. Nowadays with the emergence of Coinbase its super easy to get started.

The only advice we offer is simply do not invest any money into anything that you cannot afford to put at risk. Not only does that advice go for investing in to crypto or the Stock market, currency, commodities, property, businesses or any other tangible or intangible. Without risk there is no gain. We are comfortable with our level of exposed risk in all our investments.

Again this information is free and please feel free to share anything on this website.

Thank you fro visiting BitcoinBuyingGuide.com


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